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tRNAdb insertion symbols. To what they correspond?

I have to manually curate some tRNA sequences in order to have their original sequence without modifications. I am getting these sequences from tRNAdb. In these sequences, I found often "_" ...
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4 answers

Pipeline to analyse small RNAseq and tRNAs?

I am a newbie in this world (just finished my master's on bioinformatics. As a practice, a researcher gave me 4 fastq files from a small RNAseq experiment, to see if I am able to reproduce their ...
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What is tRNAscan-SE bit score?

I have used the command-line version of tRNAscan-SE by Lowe et al. (1997) on the reference genome sequence of C. elegans to predict tRNAs. The programme outputs a table with tRNA locations, amino acid,...
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tRNAscan-SE error: FATAL: Unable to find /usr/local/bin/cmsearch executable

I have downloaded tRNAscan-SE from here. After decompressing and untaring the file, I installed it using: ./configure make make install When I type ...
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