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What does the 'suppressed' folder mean on the NCBI ftp genomes website?

I wish to understand the term suppressed in folder nomenclature on the NCBI ftp genomes website? Example: here
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BLAST server download

I discovered that Phytozome's BLAST results look quite nice (please see below). By any chance, does anyone know where to download this BLAST server in order to install it locally for organisms which ...
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Is there a standard API for terminology services?

I'm looking for a standard to access terminology services. A terminology service provides an generalized API to multiple terminologies like ICD10, MedDRA, Snomed, Loinc etc. But I'm looking for a ...
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Secondary structure assignment tool

Is there any CA-based online tool/web-server available for secondary structure assignment of proteins except DSSP or STRIDE? DSSP is a database of secondary structure assignments (and much more) for ...
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NPDock - service unavailable [closed]

NPDock service is unavailable, at least that's the message that shows after you try to submit a job. It's been like this for the last few weeks. Contact email address ...
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How to access organism IDS, taxon nodes from UniProt?

I try to find organism IDs used by UniProt (e.g. 9606 for "Homo sapiens") and information about the 'taxonomic kingdom' this organism belongs to. The only source on UniProt I could find is this file ...
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CIBERSORT runtime error

I was running CIBERSORT web and saw this error: ...
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