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WGCNA soft threshold selection

Here I am conducting WGCNA analysis. When calculating the soft threshold, it is basically below 0.8. I choose Power=6, which only has 0 and 7. Is it feasible?
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How to assess quality of WGCNA module identification in blockwisemodules()

I'm exploring WGCNA for bulkRNA sequencing analysis with human subjects. I have healthy, myocarditis, and heart failure patients (which can be further broken into ischemic or nonischemic) I have been ...
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How does decrease the size of "grey" module in WGCNA framework?

Relate to finding soft power, I ran "pickSoftThreshold" function and the result of that(sft) is as follow: ...
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NEO analysis tutorial and data

I was reading Jason Aten's paper Using genetic markers to orient the edges in quantitative trait networks: The NEO software, which states The NEO software can be used to orient the edges of gene co-...
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