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Whole genome sequencing. Can refer to sequencing that is done on the entire genomic DNA, as opposed to techniques that only sequence a subset of the genome, like ChIP, RAD-seq or exome sequencing.

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Extracting the number SNP in each range

I have called copy number and I have 2 files (I have shared the link of my files ); One contains some ranges ...
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How to compare 2 whole genome sequences [closed]

I have the files of 2 persons that got whole genome sequencing, one by nebula genomics and the other by dante labs. I want to compare their genomes to see if they are father and son. I want to see ...
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Variant calling for a subset of genes using whole gneome sequencing data

I have few 100 raw fastq files from whole-genome sequencing data and I would like to map these files to a set of genes only (and not whole genome) so as to find SNP's associated with them. Can anyone ...
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Looping over several files in bash

I have a bash script: I am wondering how I can change this script to loop over a bunch of .vcf files and give output .txt with the name of corresponding .vcf I tried changes done in similar script ...
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