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How to chop fasta / bed /peak file genomic segments into smaller fixed or custom genomic intervals

You can run --chop with -x to excise the last piece, adding the --stagger to size the ...
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How to calculate average BLOSUM62 scores?

I've not done this precise calculation. I would use point 3, but its complicated to implement. Just for information BLOSUM62 is a static matrix 20x20 representing relative amino acid mutations. ...
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What is the best way to process yeast genomes?

What is your data type? Many assemblers can resolve heterozygosity. PacBio HiFi reads can be used with hifiasm to resolve both haplotypes rather trivially. This is the best case scenario and older ...
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PyMol alignment script

You can use Python "normally" and import the pymol module. In the script that holds the proteins in your matrix, you can add a function that does the ...
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