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Kallisto error: index input file could not be opened!

Usually errors like these occur when an input file doesn't exist or is corrupt. But you might also see these errors if you don't have permissions to access the file for whatever reason. Although ...
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Bioconductor Conda release delay

I started the roll-out on the 30th in the evening. There's not much of a delay for the October Bioconductor release, but for the summer release we first have to build the newest R version and then ...
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Why can I not install snakemake on my SLURM computer even though I can find it in the bioconda channel?

I created a file .condarc in my home directory with the following content: channels: - conda-forge - bioconda - defaults and it works now. I don't ...
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cmapPy exception

The error I see is, UnicodeDecodeError: 'charmap' codec can't decode byte 0x90 in position 2440: character maps to This suggests there is an error in the input format that the program doesn't like. ...
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UCSC packages/tools ucsc-netchainsubset and ucsc-fatotwobit not working on GNU/Linux

Short answer: respect the case of the tool name Longer story below Thanks to terdon, I printed the PATH when the conda environment was active and listed what was in the folder where conda installed ...
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