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Stringapp failed to start in cytoscape

Looks like you are running a very old version of Cytoscape. My first suggestion would be to upgrade to the latest release.
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Edge table on cytoscape won't show gene name on the shared name pp interaction column

You need to use the mapSourceAndTarget tool (the little table icon in the header of the edge table) and map to display name.
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"BLASTx for miRNA Annotation: Mature vs. Primary miRNAs as Query Sequences"

BlastX is the last thing I'd use for miRNA. Are you sure you haven't confused this for mRNA (see my response below the line section)? For mRNA you could use Blastx agreed. miRNA = microRNA are a class ...
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StringApp installed on Cytoscape, But does not added to IMPORT/Network from Public Database

I just tested this on a Mac running 3.10.2 and StringApp 2.1.1 and the String queries show up in both the File->Import->Network from Public Databases... and the network search bar. You may want ...
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