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R ggtree apply colors to branches with multiple colors

This question was also asked on StackOverflow I have a phylogenetic tree made with a Newick format ((a:1,b:1):2, (c:1, d:1):3):1; The output will be I have drawn ...
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ggtree:How to keep leading zero ‘0’ in the tiplabel?

I am using ggtree to draw a phylogenetic tree. Some taxa IDs have a 0 at the beginning. However, when I plot the tiplabel the leading zero is automatically dropped. ...
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How to import a phylogenetic tree (in nexus format) with node support values in R

I have a phylogenetic tree in nexus format that was generated with RAxML. In the tree file, there are node support values. I want to plot this tree in R with the support values showing. However, when ...
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Plot information stored in dataframe within a tree (ggtree)

Hello to the entire Stackoverflow community! I'm writing to you because I'm currently building a phylogeny with ggtree and I have in parallel a table like this one: df : ...
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