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What are the applications of Tries(data structure) of an ordered sequence of strings in bioinformatics?

(Should be a comment not an answer, but I weary of SE comment formatting- feel free to express disapproval in whichever way) When in doubt, google it and look at wikipedia: Tries are used in ...
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mrbayes, Sumt ; Error when setting parameter "Filename" (1)

This question was posted and answered as a Github Issue in the MrBayes repository; I am copying the answer here for better visibility. Dear zillurbmb51, Thank you for your question. You need to load ...
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What is the best Query to retrieve DNA from NCBI?

The search term you need is [gene name] rather than [title]. For example, ...
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What is the best Query to retrieve DNA from NCBI?

There are two main problems I can see in your approach. First, gene names are not standardized across species and the "same" gene (what that means is a whole different discussion) can have ...
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