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How can I check if a PDB file is incomplete?

OK, lets say you need that information for 2PE4.pdb, if you look at its webpage on RCSB PDB repository: 2PE4 and display its .pdb format file at https://files.rcsb....
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How to perform liftover from 38 to 37 in R?

Thanks for your post, I tried your code in R with my GwasSumstats with some adjustments from https://bioconductor.org/packages/release/workflows/vignettes/liftOver/inst/doc/liftov.html and it works. ...
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How to design a synthetic wastewater FASTQ file that could be flagged as "engineered"?

Use existing software to generate simulated fastq files. The input for these tools is generally a set of reference organisms that you'd expect to find in your sample. Simply add your 'engineered' ...
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How are BLAST record scores calculated in biopython

The results you'd get are the same as with any other NCBI BLAST+ tools, python does not compute it. Biopython can run a blast query qblast on the internet or ...
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