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Inflated p-values in quantitative trait analysis

Permutation as suggested by @StupidWolf's comment is essential to understand what's going on. If permutation makes this pattern go away, then you have a problem with your model specification, there's ...
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Odds ratio and enrichment of SNPs in gene regions?

The first approach only address the question of how likely are you to end up with the observed over-representation given the MAF distribution. My suggestion is to use the second approach, but I am not ...
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tensorQTL interaction issue

Writing a solution for anyone interested. The issue stems from a dosage error, some variant contains only heterozygous individuals and no homozygous ones needed for QTL calculation. I used plink2 to ...
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What are the largest fully publicly available molecular QTL datasets?

The largest eQTL datasets I can think of is probably eQTLGen. This is a meta-analysis of many studies using >30,000 samples from whole blood. This might be less ideal if you want cell-type-specific ...
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