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How to perform liftover from 38 to 37 in R?

Thanks for your post, I tried your code in R with my GwasSumstats with some adjustments from https://bioconductor.org/packages/release/workflows/vignettes/liftOver/inst/doc/liftov.html and it works. ...
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R: How to measure mean of a column for every 10000 rows condition on other column?

The fact that you mentioned over 30M rows and would like to use R, here is a solution with data.table. This works on your toy ...
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multiplatt from indicspecies package not producing results for all groups

Got it! :) I switched the summary(inv) to summary(inv, alpha=1) to get all possible results and all my groups showed up. So, the ...
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Abnormal representation of differentially expressed genes in volcano plots located at the extremities

In "normal" (that is replicated) experiments such structures usually are due to poor/insufficient/no prefiltering when there are unreliable count outliers (like two samples have zero counts ...
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