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Calculating total number of Unique gene in every genome from ROARY pangenome output

Did you try query_pan_genome? Ref.
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How to do average macrophages signature boxplots, with Bulk RNA data from 2 control and 2 treatment samples and LM22 signature matrix from cibersort?

You can use IOBR R package for this purpose. IOBR is an R package to perform comprehensive analysis of tumor microenvironment ...
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Why does the subset of rows that match a condition added by the rows that don't match a condition not add up to the total number of rows?

From a brief glance, the gap is not in your code but in your expectations. You're operating based on an assumption of 1:1 mapping between ENSG IDs and HGNC symbols (your ...
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How to calculate logCPM across all samples?

This post on the Bioconductor mailing list explains the difference:
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