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issue with rna seq analysis

Several issues: There is no non-coding RNA genome. There are non-coding genes but the genome fasta files from Ensembl are always the entire genome and this is what you should align against. Probably ...
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Sequence Alignment for sequences with the same length

My 2 cents: Sequence alignment is a well studied problem in bioinformatics with some great existing methods that do handle uneven length sequences (i.e. indels). With tons of genomic data the trend ...
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Sequence Alignment for sequences with the same length

I see ... the application is if two genes had the same number of indels* at different homologous positions within the gene. This happens but equally one gene might have an indel and another gene might ...
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HISAT2: RNA strandedness

According to the help produced when I type hisat2 --help, the default strandedness when running HISAT2 is unstranded: ...
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