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Getting VCF file that contain common SNPs from 6 VCF file using isec

You've used the right tool and gotten the right results. What you need to understand is that VCF contains variant loci as well as the genotypes for >=1 sample(s) at those loci. The intersect ...
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When it is stated in your consumer genetics testing report that you have x% (lets say 1.3 percent...) Neanderthal DNA, what is actually meant?

How do they obtain these markers for Neanderthal ancestry to begin with? I know the Neanderthal genome has been sequenced from bone fragments Since ancient nuclear DNA is scarce, enough preserved ...
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How can I detect the Apo B gene mutations in my raw dna data?

I think you mean these. The amino acid numbering has changed, but that happens as we discover more transcript variants.;r=2:21005788-...
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