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How to access organism IDS, taxon nodes from UniProt?

These are NCBI taxonomy ID's rather than anything specific to UniProt. One way to parse them would be using BioPython via Bio.Entrez, for example: ...
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What does the 'suppressed' folder mean on the NCBI ftp genomes website?

Here you have the explanation: Suppressed genomes: Several hundred RefSeq bacterial genomes that did not pass assembly or annotation quality validation have been suppressed(RefSeq genome quality ...
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BLAST server download

I don't know about the BLAST server you're referring to unfortunately. But another BLAST server, SequenceServer looks quite nice too. And has a bunch of helpful visualisations that you can download ...
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How to access organism IDS, taxon nodes from UniProt?

That file is actually trivial to parse. You only care about lines that have N=$species, so you can simply do: ...
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