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Hello 👋, I'm Neal. I'm an engineer, entrepreneur, and executive. I currently serve as CEO and Co-founder at Strider. Our mission is to help the world's best companies hire top, remote talent across the globe.

Prior to Strider, I served as VP of Engineering at Capitol Canary after co-founding GovPredict (YC S15). I joined Capitol Canary when GovPredict (YC S15), the company I co-founded as CTO, was acquired. At GP, I grew the engineering and product org to 40+ and continued growing the engineering org after joining forces with CC.

Earlier in my career, I co-founded another YC company in the S14 batch and worked at a number of high-growth companies in Silicon Valley as an engineering consultant. I also have a BA in Computer Science at Claremont McKenna College.

I split my time between the United States and Brazil which allows me to enjoy perpetual summer 😎🌴. In addition to being a native English speaker, I speak fluent Portuguese and intermediate to advanced Spanish.


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