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If regulatory proteins decide the gene regulation, is it necessary for every cell to have a different look?

There are many more contributors to the cell differentiation that the regulators. But one that you will encounter at an higher level is the chromatin status: if it is in the open status it allows ...
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Biological replicates on Chip-seq Transcription factor data

This question is somewhat generic, so a generic answer is that ENCODE has a Transcription Factor ChIP-seq Data Standards and Processing page that can give you a useful starting point. For TF ChIP-seq ...
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Biological replicates on Chip-seq Transcription factor data

You could first look at the degree of correlation between the two replicates - what proportion of peaks are shared between the two, versus peaks found in one sample only? This will give an idea of ...
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Where to get BED files for regions that contain binding site motifs for specific transcription factors?

The standard answer would be to search JASPAR, to get a curated dataset. However, there does not appear to be anything coming up for TET2 in the database. If your TET2 gene is what you want ...
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how to obtain GRCh38 bed and symbol files for HOCOMOCOv11

I guess you're right that you need predictions of transcription factor binding site (TFBS) through genome. There're two options to get them: You can generate predictions using any motif scanning ...
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