I believe one of the site members is an expert in Cyanobacteria hence the question.

I'm looking for a comprehensive 'phylogenetic tree' of the phylum Cyanobacteria and want to identify all the terrestrial members/groups. For example, Nodosilinea is one of the terrestrial members.

Part of my rationale for the question is that the Orders can be polyphyletic. From an outsider's point of view this is a difficult taxonomic group to understand.


Chroococcales Chroococcidiopsidales Gloeobacterales Nostocales Oscillatoriales Pleurocapsales Spirulinales Synechococcales Incertae sedis

Background Cyanobacteria is a massive phylum and important to both terrestrial and aquatic habitats, but what I need to understand is how terrestrial members are distributed across the tree. The reason they are interesting (both aquatic and terrestrial) is that they are efficient at removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Reducing a carbon footprint is an area of growing commercial interest.



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