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Salmon Multiple File SCRIPT giving error

Hi I am using Salmon quantitation for multiple fastq paired files using following code ...
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After running nf-core, is there a way to map a gene_id to a specific gene's DNA sequence?

I have been running nf-core in Python and it works great! But I have a seemingly simple question that I'm struggling to find an answer for online. After running the nf-core pipeline on my RNA ...
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Salmon Pseudo count when dealing with male and female RNA-seq data

I've generated a quant seq data that I intend to use to compare male and female gene expresion, with a focus on sexual chromosome. For my species (three-spined stickleback), it is a classic XY sex ...
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Snakemake MissingRuleException

I'm trying to run a snakefile for the first time with limited coding experience using salmon to index a reference genome. I'm not too sure what I'm doing wrong based on this error message. ...
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2 answers

How do I increase the sensitivity of Salmon Alevin?

I'm in a little bit of a bind with targeted single-cell sequencing. I'm trying to match up our reads to the targeted amplicon panel (418 targets), and all but one have matched successfully with Salmon ...
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Calculating most abundant transcript from RNA-Seq data

vcf2maf uses VEP to annotate variants, and I believe selects the default Ensembl transcript to use for annotation. Sometimes the ...
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1 answer

Get Salmon mapping/alignment summary

With HISAT2, after the alignment of fastq files you get an alignment summary like this: ...
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2 answers

Bulk RNA-Seq Read Length Normalization across different samples

I have 20 samples out of which 14 are 100 bp in length and 6 are 150 bp. Is there a way to normalize the read length for cross-sample differential expression comparison? What would be the best way to ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Download multiple fastq files using fastq-dump

I want to download the following fastq files at the same time in Salmon: - SRR10611214 - SRR10611215 - SRR10611215 - SRR10611216 - SRR10611217 Is there a way ...
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Why are my kallisto and salmon results differing so much just for lncRNA transcripts?

I am running some analysis on an RNA-seq dataset. I have a list of transcripts that are potential lncRNA for which I ran both Kallisto and Salmon aligners. The input data for index building and ...
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RNA-seq analysis of mixed viral/host reads with salmon

I did RNA-seq of mammalian cells infected with pox virus. Now, I have read files which contain both host and virus reads. I want to align the reads both to host and viral genome. I was thinking I ...
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1 answer

lower mapping rates in salmon v0.13 compared to previous versions

Hi there :) Thanks for the tool! I recently updated to the new salmon (from 0.8... its been a couple years) and I noticed that my mapping percentages change dramatically between the two versions. For ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Where to get '--fldMean' and '--fldSD' for single-end Salmon run

I need to run single-end bulk-RNAseq salmon - based alignment and I am not sure what I ...
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2 answers

tx2gene file for tximport issue

I am trying to use tximport to get raw count matrices of a bulk RNA-seq sequencing experiment. I followed the tutorial:
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Salmon output: transcripts quantified with zero reads support

I quantified some samples using Salmon. According to the documentation of output format, the last column of the 'Quantification File' represents the number of reads that supported the given transcript,...
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Exception : [Failed to read 8 bytes from input stream! Read 0] salmon quant was invoked improperly

I am trying to run salmon and it keeps giving me 2 java exceptions: ...
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