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Find most abundant transcript isoform of a gene across different tissues in long read RNA-Seq data

I want to understand which is the most abundant variant of a gene of interest across different tissues by looking at different publicly available databases (mouse/human). I have deduced from ...
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Help with running ATAC-seq using Encode pipeline

I am very new to ATAC-seq pipeline from Encode and trying to run on a HPC but not sure the steps after reading their instruction. Here is my json file: <...
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tensorflow nn_model for DNA sequences: Matrix size-incompatible: In[0]: [2,1], In[1]: [784,300]

Hope anyone can help a beginner here. I'm building a proof-of concept tensorflow classifier for DNA sequences. However, the NN model does not let through train and test vectors saying the matrix size ...
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Biohackers Netflix - DNA to binary and video

I'm not sponsored or anything, just interested in their challenge to decipher their DNA code. They encoded their first episode of "Biohackers" video/binary file to DNA code and said if we ...
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2 answers

Transcription factor targets for Human and Mouse genes

I want to get transcription factor targets for my list of genes (For Human and Mouse) I have found ENCODE Transcription Factor Targets database (The link is given below). But I am looking for some ...
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4 answers

How do you query and explore ENCODE data?

I am looking for a modular way to query data from ENCODE. For example, I would like to get CHiP-seq or similar tracks for a specific cell line. What's the proper way to do it? Finally, is there an ...
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Details of ENCODE processing pipelines

I am trying to find details for how the ENCODE ChIP seq samples were processed. Linking to a ChIPseq samples on (e.g. ...
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How to visualize genome track of gene in specific cell-lines?

I'm trying to make a plot showing genome tracks of specific genes in specific cell-lines of RNA-seq and Chip-seq data. It should look something like this I have recently seen this encode, but in ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Given a transcription factor, what genes does it regulate?

I have a list of transcription factors and I am interested in finding out which which genes might be transcribed as a result of the formation of transcription factor complexes with that transcription ...
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2 answers

What is the difference between ENCODE Tier 1, 2 and 3 cell types?

The ENCODE Experiment Matrix at UCSC lists the different available cell types under the categories "Tier 1", "Tier 2" and "Tier 3". What is the difference between these classifications? What, for ...
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